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The Wintec Sporting Horse Championships @ Equitana.

This is an invitational event and we will be competing over 3 days – Friday to Sunday.

Races include the Bend Race, Stake Races and Flag Race.

    Conditions of Entry
    As the SHA Australian Championships is conducted in front of a large crowd, televised around the world and on the big screen.
    The SHA must ensure that any negative behavior from horse/rider/riders associate does not take place to protect this event for the future.
    The SHA reserves the right to refuse, revoke and accept entries as it sees fit.
    The SHA RMS selection committee will assess each horse entered. The committee will decide if the entered horse is able to compete to an acceptable level in each race and notify the competitor accordingly. The committee may decide that an entered horse may only be competent to compete in some races; therefore you will be limited to these events.
    New horses or novice horses from the previous year must have attended at least one of the qualification events to demonstrate that they are able to complete to an acceptable level in each race.
    All horses must also be able to be controlled and pull up at the completion of the race.
    The committee will also have the right to scratch a horse and/or rider on the day of competition if it feels that the horse/rider/rider’s associate (as defined in the SHA rulebook) is not demonstrating acceptable behavior or not coping with racing or the environment.
    Some examples (but not limited to):
    1). If the horse is struggling to start the race.
    2). If the horse runs across lanes during a racein an uncontrollable manner.
    3). If a horse gallops without control after a race.
    4). If a horse is unable to complete a race in a satisfactory manner.
    5). If a rider becomes frustrated with their horse and chastises the horse (examples, but not limited to screaming at the horse, whipping the horse, kicking the horse or jagging the horse in the mouth with the reigns).
    6). If a rider has the need to speak to the judge they must raise their hand to attract the judge’s attention then dismount from the horse to speak to the judge. A raised voice from horseback will not be tolerated.

    • 50.6 $