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SHA – Mighty Mitta Muster

SHA – Mighty Mitta Muster


Join us for the running of the 50th Mighty Mitta Muster for another jam packed weekend of Sporting Horse Racing! Starting of at the Tallangatta Showgrounds on Saturday 12th March for a full SHA program, we will then head to the Mitta Mitta Caravan Park to camp for Sunday’s competition.

This weekend has something for the whole family – with running competitions and an array of family events as well and a special guest appearance from the Rooftop Express – check out their Facebook Page here

A full SHA program is on offer for Sunday too including our novice sections. Novice Newcomer is for those who are new to Sporting Horse Australia. We have both Novice Newcomer Junior & Open. Schooling is only for experienced SHA riders to bring on new horses.

Come and join in on a weekend of fun!

Riders heading north from Melbourne normally head up on the Friday. Please feel free to contact us if you wish to organise to meet with others on the road.


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